Sunday, October 30, 2016

Silence can heal

Yesterday I found the guts to break the silence of nearly 5 months and tell my good acquaintance back at home what was really going on.
I flew out in a rush 5 months prior, so willing to start a new life with the man I was in love with that I did not even look over my shoulder to see what gems I was leaving behind!
I told her my apologies and sheepishly admitted that my plan had not gone too well and instead I fell into a deep black pit. Depression has always been a solitary thing for me (I guess it is for most people). I don't like to cry out loud, confide in my best friends, let alone the kind of friends one never tried to involve into daily routines. I had to close off until I found my wings again.
So there I was streaming my messages of news one by one.
She took it well. It felt really nice to catch up on her news.
It got me thinking once more that silence is much better than heaps of pretending. It is so important for me to be authentic now and speak my truth that I cannot imagine otherwise.
And hopefully it means I am one step closer to what I really want out of my life and the people by my side.

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