Friday, October 28, 2016

Home is where the heart is (with or without him)

I came to Australia with the intention to get him longing to see me. We've had a rollercoaster romance that had survived some distance before, and I felt ready to test the waters again.
The plan A was - we get back together. I'd be sorted emotionally and financially and everything would be great then. Plan B was to gather all my savings, start some studies and stay in a city, but not very far away from him, and wait. Some day he would come and get me - and we'd get back together. Live happily ever after together.
If only he wanted to see me!
Now, I could call myself plain stupid, Rori Raye's teachings traitor, or supposedly even a hopeless romantic! Maybe all of it? Nevermind.
I needed a reality check :)
It took me only about 4 months, but I finally got it.
I am here on my own and I am SINGLE!
Regardless of that, I am not alone, at least not on Fridays at 5rhytms o'clock I am not alone. I dance with my tribe. And you know, home is where the heart is - and where you are understood. My heart is in dancing, conscious movement, in connecting, and sharing all the human emotions out there...
I am determined to make the most of my time in this amazing country and this cool city and to really LIVE my life!

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