Monday, October 31, 2016

Recognizing the road blocks

As I am nearing the point where I'll be ready to connect to someone else on a deeper level again - I catch myself falling! Just the thought of a "point" - where I'm supposedly "ready" - whoa, makes me dizzy and my heart beats fast!
Not only I don't know where it is, but - hell, I still got lots of really well hidden issues from all the past broken relationships! 
I will have to write more about PATTERNS. Because believe me, this blog has always meant to be mine. (It is Here)
I have forgiven everyone everything, yet - fear remains. Fear of intimacy, fear of being hurt again, of patterns repeating, and fear of attracting those same situations because I am not good enough.
I acknowledge myself for uncovering these fears and I know I can break the pattern.
Yes yes... Let's dive deep.

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