Friday, January 26, 2018

Periods and blossoming

Let’s create some meaningful changes, shall we?

The time leading up to a woman's period is a blessing of heightened intuition, easier self-reflection, and emotions giving us signals to change and evolve.

The body is preparing to shed its old lining via menstrual blood gushing through the vagina, cleansing whatever has accumulated physically and metaphysically. Emotions can flood us, women, and remind us that something doesn’t serve us anymore. Ah, the hormones can be all over the place! But only if we've forgotten to listen along the way.

From my own observation, if my life seems fairly smooth-sailing, my diet is how I like it (nearly vegan, gluten and sugar free), I feel somewhat financially secure and connected to others by regular catch ups or other routines (attending school, going to the gym), I hardly notice my period is coming and I don’t even experience menstrual pains. 

If, however, my regime is off balance, I travel, feel mildly disconnected, meet assholes at work, don't watch my spending, and I eat whatever, I turn into a monster and getting closer to my period feels like a nightmare - for everyone near me! In that case, dealing with that female ordeal hurts - on a physical and emotional level, too.

Can you see the message?

How can we love ourselves better?
That question should be on our minds every morning - whether on period or not, men included.

For if we detour from self-love - we focus on others' needs before ours, if we worry about the future, hate our lives, work, routines and as a result become disliking ourselves to the core - that is a recipe for miserable days.

There are signs...

I suspect my period on Monday as I've already been feeling like killing people or sabotaging myself for the past couple of days.

I disregarded my intuition last night about a gathering that I didn’t want to go to, but I did. It exhausted me so much that I slept for 9 hours straight, and that hardly ever happens. Too many strangers to answer their shit questions to. Why did I go??

This afternoon I found myself despising my male client before he even stepped through the door. I recognized his energy over the phone. I knew he was a good man but so frickin' unconscious.
I felt too dizzy to even talk (that wasn’t a hangover since I only had one drink the night before); the sensitivity towards one's thoughts was overwhelming. I heard my words as he would - spiritual mambo jumbo. I didn't see the point of going ahead with the session, but then I took a deep breath and transited back into my own skin again. The girl who believed in her values, wanted to make a difference in the world, but struggled to see how
Is this the way?
Perhaps not.
Perhaps sometimes it is.

Sometimes, I love what I do. I see how I heal and how people transform and blossom. Some days, I feel I could do more. Some days, I know I could do more.

So this is it. The lunar time when even if I don’t know - my brain can’t provide the answers - MY BODY knows. My body tells me - let’s move on. This thing has run its course. You’re over it. You can do better, and you WILL do better.
Our female monthly anxiety can have unacknowledged but solid grounds.

I want to see more of blossomed people. I want to take my healing to another level. I've been afraid, but I'm ready. 
Taking the first step is often the hardest, isn't it?
When will I... ?

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