Monday, November 6, 2017

Life pushes us forward #sexualhealing

Oops, I have missed my blog's birthday! My very first post was on 25th October 2016.

We are officially 1 year old! Yay.

And we are healed. From the break up with Him. That's all. There's still a lot of shit to get through.

I've never claimed to be an enlightened, perfect Guru.
Neither I'm that vain to worry about admitting that my mind is still a mess sometimes. I believe that we can never truly get our shit together as long as life keeps happening and we're still breathing.


The breakup had occured 20 months ago and compelled me to vent my anger and sadness on this blog. I got over it. I still love Him as a friend, a human being along with all our common friends. 
I'll probably come to visit around Christmas, him and I might take a bath together, but we won't sleep together and neither we'll make plans for the future together. Thus, life will go on. 
I feel like I was born a little messed up so my life could be more interesting!

It doesn't matter if you agree with the expression "Everything happens for a reason" or you hate it to bits, it is essentially true. You just have to find your own "why", and see the reason with courage. Everything that happens in life pushes you forward onto the next step, the next path, the next life.
Even for banal things that we don't think about, like: "the sun goes down every night", there is a reason (other than physics) : It's time to go to bed and get ready for a new day.

Bad things happen to us so we break and shatter into pieces. Then we start again, we make changes, we unravel, emerge, burst, embark upon something new, we must move on...

Therefore, I am doing my best to help others where I helped myself. Here comes an idea for my new project:


Hello Ladies,
My name is Pavlina, I am a member of Fernwood Fitness, a sex educator, holistic practitioner, Tantra therapist and a life coach.

I empower women with regards to their sexuality. I am developing a program where I help women heal their relationship to their bodies and their sexuality, as a preparation for an international certification in Sexological Bodywork™.

I am looking for volunteer women who feel they may be sexually repressed, they suffered sexual abuse in the past, have a love/hate relationship with their bodies, battle with sexual shame and guilt, or unsuccessfully try to heal their relationship to men (and the divine masculine).

I offer three free sessions with me (total 3 hours) in exchange for a feedback (survey) and an anonymous testimonial on my website.

The sessions include absolute confidentiality, unconditional love and support, non-judgmental listening, emotional freedom techniques and also a hands-on Tantric therapy - a body massage to help you reconnect with your body, harmonize your chakras and open up the energetic channel between your earthly realm (shakti energy) and the spiritual realm (shiva energy).

Although profound results are not guaranteed after just three sessions, it should still bring you happiness and feelings of wellbeing. If you wanted to step beyond your comfort zone even further, I would be delighted to offer a reduced rate for continuing our sessions weekly, coaching you until you reach your desired outcome. This is a one time opportunity!

If this is something that interests you, please text me to arrange your first hour of free consultation conducted either at my home, a short walk from Fernwood, or at your chosen place.

You may also check my website:

I look forward to hearing from you!


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