Monday, April 23, 2018

When Matthew McConaughey talks like God

If you have 5-6 minutes, please watch this video. 
Matthew's insight blew my mind for one simple reason - It spoke to my soul. 

I often struggle to see who EXACTLY I am - or should be (yes, the latter is BS.)
Getting clear about who EXACTLY I was NOT, however, has caused many breakthroughs throughout my life and helped mobilize me towards the direction of who I wanted to be. 

For example, I knew I loved traveling and dancing. Working as an exotic dancer all over the world did the trick for a while - but one day I woke up and I knew that it wasn't me anymore. Identities change, but the desire to live happily remains. What would follow next wasn't as important as the realization that I couldn't stay where I was.
"The process of elimination" as Matthew calls it, has been far more powerful in creating more of what I wanted, than staying where I didn't belong whilst figuring out where I did.


  1. I am the author of the book of my life. I own it...

    Miss Pavlina, your story, the snippets I have received, are fascinating. They give flesh to the glorious face and engaging demeanor you present. Without your ‘story’ you could easily be some two-dimensional figure, another pretty breeze that blows through and disappears as quickly as it arrived.

    You have authored a story that captures my attention, and encourages me to get on and eliminate the pitfalls from mine, and create magnificence.
    Inspiration is helpful and necessary in maintaining the course, the direction...
    Your experiences shared, your resources provided are a blessing. For Matthew, and all your words and suggestions, I am appreciative.
    Thank you Pavlina for encouraging me to actively and beautifully author my story!

    1. Yes, yes, yes!
      Get out there and share your gifts now! By the sound of it, you have enough experience and you are not helping anybody by hiding yourself! If not now, then when?
      (My new post on EFT might help you...)


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