Friday, March 2, 2018

Pregnant and expecting great results #B-School

I am so overjoyed!
I am pregnant.

But not with a baby.
(Did another test this morning and clear as this Friday’s sky, I am not expecting, not pregnant with a child, the test was negative, again. 

April 8th: Got my period after 70 days. All back to normal. Hormones... )

I am pregnant with a business idea.

I took the bravest step of my adult life and signed up for Marie Forleo’s annual B-School. Expensive and scary.

Not many of you may know how much I adore this multi-talented female entrepreneur, who has been my virtual mentor for the past 5-6 years. I follow her blog, eagerly watch her videos in my inbox every Tuesday, and I dig the interviews she did with all my favorites: Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Tim Ferriss, Elizabeth Gilbert, Kelly Brogan or Seth Godin to mention just a few that I watched with my jaw open. There were many incredible others which I don’t remember by name.

I have so many ideas on how to communicate my message with regards to holistic living, conscious sexuality and overcoming the addiction to staying where one does not belong... but where to start?
In fact, I tend to start, then stop, then start and then I am off to a new idea... Yes, I too, need a coach.
So Marie suggests that I should do it now??

I can’t believe I had filled in the details just 15 minutes before the enrollment for 2018 closed. I am probably sparkling right now!

Sitting on the funny gym bicycle watching her past B-schoolers remembering their journeys (what a workout!), I thought: “How long will I wait before joining the passionate and successful?”
“Will I create yet another excuse in 2019 for postponing this until the year after?”
Marie said, “Join as a hot mess... we’ll unhotmess you.” (I love how she makes up words)
I was in.
But there came the money side of things...

The cost flashed at me again, year after year the same and again totally out of reach. A lifetime access - great. The payment plan didn’t seem so daunting.

Other questions followed...
“Is this program on my bucket list for ‘someday’ and is it an unconditional must-do?”
“How much would I be willing to invest in myself have I known that not only my progress was guaranteed (if not a steady success) but also the person coaching me was totally worth it?”
I’d happily invest that same monthly amount they asked.
So why wait, why not NOW?

I trust that the Universe has my back. I’ve been asking for a coach for quite some time. I used to enjoy meeting with my coach Mrs. Liskova back in Prague and it has no doubt put me on the right path... This is a combination of online, group and video coaching though, so will I follow through?

Marie is a very likable person whom I listen to and I am sure that she must have a very like-minded team.
If I’m serious, the Universe will provide and take care of the rest (the time, financing, kicking my butt into action and finding the self-discipline and confidence that I need to utilize all I’ve got.).
I firmly believe it.

Ok, I’m off to get some frozen peas for dinner. I should also forget about a trip back to Europe anytime soon, create a waiting list for everything else and put some cash into my bank account so my gym membership will go through the next week...

I’ve never been more inspired.
A little bit of fear’s creeping up but other than that I feel that I’ve already done something right this year.
(Not a baby)


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