Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Commitment and love for: Travel

This Valentine's Day is a two year break-up anniversary for me and Him (my ex's name). Feeling absolutely no bitterness this year.
Perhaps telepathic, He texted me at 5 am to ask if I was ok, that he had a dream about us. After investigating, it was far from as wild as the stories I dreamt that night.

Last night had me waking up every hour in confusion! I broke into someone's house, had sex with Simon Sinek (aware that his Jewish brother was cooking next door), played tennis with my sister, saw a fat guy demonstrating how to eat a melted chocolate and in the last dream I was escaping a sand dune avalanche by the sea...

Crazy? It felt exhausting and kind of mystical. Very real feelings during all of those scenarios. I wish the second one was true... 😜

I am very grateful for the past 6 weeks of my working holiday.
Darwin - home sweet home, not really, but it's good to be back in the warm weather, my familiar bed and attending classes again. On the other hand, I am already planning my next escape. 

My Darwinian client whom I caught in Adelaide, expressed his thought that my flexibility and keenness to live out of a suitcase might not be about my love for traveling, rather about something deeper... He concluded I was looking for something. It put a bug into my head!

The Highlights of the trip:

7 flights
3 train rides 

2 shuttles (not counting airport ones)
2 road trips
15 changes of accommodation - private and shared, hotels, airbnb and friends houses - that’s 15 different beds in 6 weeks.
4 driving lessons
1 failed test (too many non-critical errors)
Numerous beach trips
Lots of good food
Several cups of great coffee
A few old beautiful friends (Rowena, Brisy tribe..)
Some new inspiring friends

Handsome faces passing me by at airports
Happy figures waving at me from cars
Too many strolls up and down the streets, roads and hills in my Lululemon pants or Victoria Secrets shorts or a gray print dress (the only clothes I took with me)
Every other day looking for the best peaches at the Adelaide Central Market, or searching for the best curry/laksa, then giving up after the second
Money in and out - daily circulation
Best clients in Adelaide
Clients who did my head in (GC, Brisbane)
Clients who couldn’t read between the lines (Melbourne)
Clients who were so nice, willing and keen to learn, expand and experience Tantric bliss without compromising me in any way
Byron full moon magic

Bonding with Hollis
New challenges (Mark’s article about #metoo, MJB seminar about money)
Old wounds opening, but creating a new space for growth
Opportunities to write and rewrite
Combatted addictions (peanut butter, daily wine, sex)
Observing my fears, the fear of a visible success - envy, jealousy of others, feelings of guilt towards my parents - loyalties to staying small…
10 extra kilos to my luggage!!!!! Not to me. I have probably lost a couple lol

Now... it's time to apply for as many community services jobs as there are out there!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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