Thursday, December 28, 2017


A quick update.

I didn’t do anything special around Christmas. I worked in the shop on Christmas Eve and on Boxing Day, so no 'Orphan party' either. Also, as every year, I made the obligatory call to my parents.

To treat myself on my well-deserved day off, the Christmas Day, I didn’t care about becoming a lazy, chubby blob and I moved only from the bed to the fridge and back to the bed. Happy times!

That was exactly what I planned.

Or maybe not, as in the middle of all that snacking, napping and Netflix watching, I decided to finish my school assignment, and…. invite Mike for a dinner of frozen peas. [cooked].

Anyone else would be busy with their families.
Mike accepted. Tidying his shed probably didn’t seem as interesting as sampling a very vegan meal from a Czech girl dressed like a Wonderwoman on a hot Christmas Day.

Mike is a guy who gave me a lift four months ago when I was a bit stranded on the highway, waiting in the heat for the next bus coming in half an hour.
He introduced me to the Jungle house, where I met all the lovely backpackers, and then some, who consequently became my new Darwin family.
I stopped hanging out with Mike due to his pathological impunctuality. Enough said, we started texting and mending the friendship about a month ago. My life has been a whirlwind since so we didn’t get the chance to meet up before this Monday the 25th.

Sadly, this guy will never change. He came 20 minutes late with such a lousy excuse. I said nothing.
I just deleted him from my phone.

I'm kidding. However, there's definitely no need to see him again!
One might think that I was being 'generous' because of the spirit of Christmas - and - I’m cringing now - because what if I was?

I actually hate that Christmas’ pretentiousness.
I hate it with a passion.
A childhood memory of a mother putting on a fake smile: 
“It’s Christmas”.“Let’s do this for the kids.”
Hm.Let’s do this for Mike?

I have no regrets. Halfway through my napping day, I simply didn’t feel like facing Christmas through to the end all alone.
Moreover, Mike sensed and respected my need for rest and privacy and left soon after the dinner. All felt cool and friendly between us, which made me believe that any residues of a bad karma got smoothed out.

And that’s me and Christmas. We’re done. No more 'celebrating' in the years to come.
Unless I have kids. (?)

For the record, it’s a Christian holiday. If we believe in Jesus (I do), let’s go to the church, or let's not; let's act like Jesus would - spreading the love, joy and generosity the whole year around. If not, admit we're hypocrites. 
If we narrow 'family and giving' only to a single day, I don't know, but to me it's like acting as foolish, pretentious robots. 
Why do we celebrate 'family and giving' only on Christmas if we don't believe in Christianity or - which is even sadder, if we don't feel like it any other time of the year?
I guess that it must be some unquestionable tradition! Smiley face.

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