Saturday, August 19, 2017

Who am I? Living one's truth. Part I. (Possibly the most important post here)

Inspired by last night's yoga, ecstatic dance, a couple of quotes, and an information that my client shared with me, I'm still feeling excited and I need to write!
At the moment I have only a small audience. There are many who read my blog, but don't report back, or treat following my posts as very anonymous and private - I'm fine with that.
But I'm going to make myself more visible! I will keep sharing, and I'll start spreading my message publicly. Website revamp is on.
The first person to know what I'm up to will be my mum...[unfortunately]. That's the sign I've been getting in my other dreams, not the nightmares about Him (That's his name, that's why the capital H.)

The inspiration:
First quote: "Is this really how I wanna live?" 
I wish I could remember who said that! Was that in a video from Oprah, or a stint from Marie Forleo? Anthony Robbins? Ester Hicks? I've seen it or heard it somewhere this week and it got me thinking!
The second quote comes later...

At the studio that I only visited for a gig of Elijah Ray before, a beautiful yoga teacher Emma B started yesterday's Vinyasa flow by setting an intention to recognize that which feels like coming home again...
She gave a few examples - doing yoga after a long absence, finally eating after starving all day, meeting a best friend after many years, finally painting, cooking.... etc.
The first thing that occurred to me was DANCING, then sex - yes, it always feels like coming home (more on that later) but definitely, it is DANCING.

When I asked the Spirit last Sunday: "Where would I feel happier? Sitting in a cinema and watching Wonderwoman (for which I already paid), or taking a long walk to sunset markets and finding something to eat there?"
It sounds so obvious now! It made me laugh when the answer came - but, not so fast - prior to my asking it out loud it was a mess, all mixing and mingling in my head. I had feelings of guilt for wasting money (the cinema ticket), for not wanting to relax as I said I would, and then other feelings surfaced - do I really wanna walk somewhere that far just to get some food, eat it ALONE and then walk back???

However, when I composed a simple question, detached of all [untrue] feelings..... the answer felt like a gush of fresh air with many positive emotions attached! The Spirit knew!

Needless to say, I had the time of my life. It wasn't just about the delicious Sri-Lankan food at all. It was the Tribal gig, then another solo gig, the sweaty spontaneous dancing, the lovely people around, the great vibes, and the walk there and back offered great sights of Darwin too.

Dancing, even if unplanned, is like coming home... that is my passion. It never feels lonely, the joy is contagious, and as a result, everything else feels familiar.

As per sex, I have a confession: I have been a hypocrite.

I don't enjoy being other people's doorway to a better orgasm! 
In fact, I couldn't care less about other people's sex lives!! What interests me is my own pleasure.
Before leaving Darwin, I had a bit of fun - just after writing that short post where I admitted to being busy fantasizing about sex with J. Well, he won't be too happy, if he reads this one.
I let the first date with a new man go a little bit (ok, a lot) outside of the lines...
But it felt like coming home :) and even better felt that I just took what he was offering, and when I was done (for the third time), I got up and literally left him there.... standing...
Well, in this modern world a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do. She has no time to work hard for a man's ultimate release.
(I didn't beg him to "do me" after all, I was ready to keep it friendly!)
So now you know - doing me is fun, but not necessarily a "finish" for you.
It could be different if we actually made love, but there was no way that I'd go all the way with this new man (so soon).

Who am I? 
A past exotic dancer is a very mean description, Tantric practitioner sounds overrated and I actually disliked the label ever since the start (I like touching people, but as I said, I don't care about people's sex lives, unless it's Margot Anand's and depicted in her book!), a slut doesn't sound quite right (I freely slept with just a handful of guys in the last 5 years), and offering couple's counseling is highly unlikely to fulfill me - as I don't see myself wanting to honor my passions in this way!

I just love having sex - like most people do (or everyone).

Do I feel empowered when I help other people open up their eyes to a healthy sexuality?
Does it feel beautiful seeing others feel better about themselves when I listen to them, offer unconditional love and understanding, or inspire them?

Oh Yes.

So, the question remains:
Where do I have the most Integrity???

Follow my journey as I answer myself in part II. 

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