Sunday, June 25, 2017

Are Earth Angels monogamous?

I was told by a beautiful psychic/healer lady that I was an Earth Angel. I kind of knew it (haha). Sure, these days that label is so commonly used that the real meaning got lost somewhere in translation. Apparently, there are a few of us, the real Earth angels…

And she assessed Him as a dark angel… I believe that! No one has ever put me under such a spell before… and obviously, no one has fucked me better 😳 (an illusion)

I believed her possibly because of the newly discovered fact that He was my karmic soulmate. According to Stacey Demarco there are 4 types of soulmates - karmic, twin, companion and romantic. I always thought we all had several. 
Karmic is not the one you want to stay with! even if you thought otherwise at some point in the relationship. Learn your lessons, heal and move on...

Together with the psychic lady we were able to agree on the matters of spirituality and sexuality as inseparable. Humans can abuse anything, even the purest concepts, give love a bad name, let alone sex.
Perhaps I am on this planet to cause some real revolution…

One more hip hip hooray to Tantra. It has stabilized my sexual appetite. I view lovemaking as so precious now… I just can’t have sex with someone no strings attached (e.g. last night’s chance encounter - a good-looking guy - but hell NO!). I want to meet someone I can work with on our spiritual/physical connection, deepen it, perfect it, keep innovating it… I can’t use sex as a quick-fix solution for satisfying horniness (for it doesn't help), nor to escape my mundane reality. Strangely, I stopped masturbating as often as I used to. I guess that I previously used it as a way to 'escape' and to relieve tension. Now that I restored my connection to the source, to my body, and I learned to pause, to breathe, to trust, to summon joyful memories and gratitude… I don’t have to use sex or masturbation to escape myself anymore.

The healer mentioned that angels are not necessarily meant to be monogamous... 
Monogamy is a separate topic from having a casual, superficial sex or a deep soulful lovemaking... both could be done with only one lover or many. The main thing is that things are transparent among all parties involved. Now I know which type of action I'm looking for.

Ever since I started being present to what is really happening within me and my surroundings during these (possibly last) few weeks in Brisbane, my thinking has changed. I see everything from a little bit detached perspective. I feel more settled within, confident in myself and God and I sense the “bigger” picture. 
I refuse to be a slave to the visa system… I will always strive for freedom. I surrender my attachments to any other result.

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