Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sex-detox - yes or no (day 2)

Breakfast: stevia-sweetened home made acai bowl without any fruit. instead: chia, buckins, almond butter.
Lunch: kale salad with nutritional yeast, cultured veggies, olive oil
Snack: home-made chocolate mouse with cocoa, half avo, stevia, coconut milk, almond butter
Dinner2 eggs, carrots (example of Eastern European small dinners. I am grateful for that childhood conditioning.)

I went for a good walk during the day to soak up the sun rays - what an awful winter Australia has! It made me sweat and feel happy. I love the sunshine and hot weather! While stopping for a breath (lol, the period laziness), I tried a decaf coffee with soy milk from my favorite Newstead cafe - it felt so good!.... however, I had a mild headache shortly afterwards. It could have been because I drunk it on empty stomach after one hour of walking under the sun, or it doesn't agree with me. I will give the decaf another shot next weekend. It would be nice to fit this treat within my detox boundaries!
I didn't crave any wine today, and as usual - my own clean chocolate saved the day.

I had other urges though.... I'm hoping that sex-detox isn't on the menu of holistic recovery. I know that people do benefit from celibacy. I tried this type of detox 3x in my life (3-4 months, the longest one was 4 ½ months).
To clarify - if you observe that you use sex to 'escape', feel better, or you abuse your body on a regular basis by consenting to something that you don't actually really want - then I suggest: go on, try a sex-detox. The benefits are huge and cover range of areas. Bigger self-esteem, restored integrity, faith in your own power to feel good, sense of greater self-love, and better choices reg. next sexual partners. The first month is the most challenging, then the obsessive erotic images disappear (mostly), and one gains a deeper clarity and focus.
I've done it for those reasons and I don't regret. 
My true essense is made for mating though! My body doesn't like long periods of celibacy now that I healed from all the physical abuse.
So I shall fit some sex into my 'emotional detox' too. I have only one rule - being mindful of whom I let into my temple next time. It won't need to be my future boyfriend, nor potential husband, but he better be emotionally healthy and free, independent of responsibilities to other females, and have a non-addictive personality (btw. respectful and sexy are non-negotiables). 

I tried a different type of breathing with my female client yesterday and I practiced it this morning alone in my bedroom. Everyone should know his type of tantric breath! It's amazing how quickly it energizes and brings waves of arousal without the need for a hardcore masturbation (ok, that did happen later).
We shouldn't be too busy pleasing someone else to not be doing this breathing and moving when we're having sex! There is no rush to get to the 'end goal'.... I know this, yet time and time again I forget to stay in the moment, breathe right, and make it count.

It's nearly 11pm, I'm starting to crave some peanut butter. I better go to sleep quickly, before I find my way to the fridge!

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