Monday, May 22, 2017

People who gave up on stimulants (Day 3)

I have faith that I will keep refraining from drinking coffee and alcohol for the next three months, but I am not sure if I'll keep journaling about it every day. As writing down the stuff I ate, craved, or dreamt about is... kind of boring!

I already feel clearer and I'm taking thoughtful actions, so if I don't log in every day - it means a good thing! (I probably went to bed earlier. 💤)
I got even more determined about my holistic detox today when I remembered some people who gave up coffee and wine many, many years ago, and they still reap the benefits. 
Eric, American man whom I met while I was living and dancing in Paris, and few months after we also met up in Prague. 
We couldn't find a better opportunity to open up to each other than my sudden panic attack during our dinner one night. So... talking about an ice breaker...NOT! Not recommended.
Anyhow, I learned that he had given up alcohol 9 years prior and he didn't look back. It was quite unbelievable for me that time. I was aware that that substance didn't 'suit' me when drinking myself under the table some weekends, but I held the opinipon that one glass every now and then was of no harm.
That is for another debate.
Moving on, somehow Eric crossed my mind today, after 5 years or so of not being in touch. I am grateful for remembering that man's story. He seemed to me as a very 'together' guy, having a successful business and a kind heart. Success needs a focused mind!
Another person who's been crossing my mind since the day I started thinking about giving up wine, is Doreen Virtue. During one interview she admitted to having drunk down her emotions, intuition, and voices from the spirit she heard, just because she didn't want to seem crazy, stand out from the crowd, and in general - be visible and different. The next day she would drink lots of coffee to keep awake, and in the evening she would wind down with more wine... a vicious cycle. I resonated with that correlation between alcohol and coffee in my past big time!
Series of events had her stop. She was able to hear her angels' messages clearer, and thus she embraced her gifts.
Now Doreen's a world renowned author and angel cards' reader.
Another person who inspires me is a photographer and cameraman, Chef. (Wow, first post where I'm using real names! Perhaps it's to pay homage to those people)
I met Chef in Prague where he needed me as a model for a photographic project. It was so much fun. Again, I think I have a certain power to make people open up to me (this time not through a panic attack). Chef shared his story, and it was clear that there was no other way for him than to completely give up all stimulants (except Czech's fatty foods and sex I think). So once he made that decision to recover from drugs, he would never drink coffee, alcohol or smoke either. That's how it works.

I am inspired.
I choose to be a good vegetarian too. Haha.

I found the classic five buddhists precepts simply revamped and beautifully elaborated:

I love it.
You see, sex is allowed! (It just needs to be done right) And if someone serves you a plate with fish or meat, it seems that you may eat it too. YOU didn't harm the poor thing after all.
I don't know what will happen after the detox ends, but I'll make sure that I'm happy in love and live in harmony with life.
Whatever is needed for that, I'll do it.

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