Monday, May 29, 2017

Fears vs. more effective prayers

What's your biggest fear regarding choosing the wrong partner?

Mine is violence and too much fire. Just as well no fire at all, meaning he'd have no passions. I'm guaranteed to get bored of a walking deadman beside me. 

The first reason - violence, stems from my childhood when I witnessed some of the simpler forms of domestic abuse at home. Predominantly verbal, but there were some bruises too. My father had a lot of fire. The one that breeds addictions too. My mum had no less of a fire. The one that is quick to slap, defend, or judge. In general, the flame that burns like it's the master of the universe!Therefore, I am afraid of people who do, or could, raise their voice at me, let alone of more dramatic actions. 

I am all about positive affirmations. However, acknowledging our fears is the first step to transforming them into positive wishes and effective prayers.

Funny that my biggest fear used to be being cheated on and lied to. Now, after it has happened more than one year ago and I dealt with it, the fear not only disappeared, but it seems quite superficial! Not that now I'd love to be cheated on for a change (no!), but I believe that there are worse things that could happen in a partnership, and that for this attitude I am actually less likely to be cheated on again.

How did the new fear of potential violence pop up?
As always, I've read something. I read the new guy's horoscope! Oh my... maybe less reading and more observing AND LIVING?? :)

Old-new affirmation: "I choose to focus on people's innocence and see the world through the eyes of love. I am always safe, divinely guided and protected."

I encountered some big challenges while on my holistic detox...mainly emotional ones, but I also sinned a little during my solo trip to Melbourne. Well, more on that next time. I am restoring my integrity here in Brisbane!

Meanwhile a little comment I posted on Fb under a picture of St. Kilda's beach that I've taken:
"When you respect your need for solitude to recharge, you may as well attract your 'tribe' this way. I went to St.Kilda/Melbourne on Friday. I felt blessed and I honored the time off to nurture myself. By chance, I met an Ukrainian angel, Katja, and I sensed an instant connection with her. Our chat helped me on my personal quest for gaining clarity.
Even if you think you are alone, watch out - angels are everywhere! Trust, and share your story, you never know whose heart it might melt."


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