Saturday, April 1, 2017

Our brilliant minds save the day

I’ve been observing Tom since September or so. Although that is not a long time at all, I intuitively feel his personality and the way his mind works…. his thoughts produce certain emotions in his body on which he then acts accordingly.

That’s how all of us operate.

I sense what he thinks about the world - a great place full of bothersome people. He has few old best friends, and he can be very social, yet selective, and not more frequently than once a week. The other days he spends working, reading and being physically active in solitude.

The invitation for today’s visit didn’t end up as easy and straight-forward as it first seemed.

Flooding on the coast had him warn me last night that today might not be happening. 
Well, I’d be happy if somebody told me how MY mind works!

I began making my own adjustments…. so when I got a text later this morning confirming open roads, I was half way through convincing myself that the trip wouldn’t be happening, and perhaps it was best to stay in Brisbane and do some work.

Then I concluded that if I turned up in the evening to cook for him a decent vegan meal (as planned), it would still be alright.

But I must be too boring for this 65 year old chap. 
This was the message:

Let's raincheck - J. and C. are at Peppers Salt for wedding, and I got invited to reception  after the meal then party after so will go as don't want to potentially sit at home on rare night out and I need a fun night after hard week on build - mega stress times. Gonna let my hair down!

So he chose to party.
It could be all there is, but also… No.

I understand this man. He just doesn’t want to wait until his newly vegetarian friend finally arrives, cooks some rabbit food and won’t even have a drink of red wine!


That’s Tom. You’re welcome to his mind.

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