Friday, April 21, 2017

I met someone new - absolution

Ok, J is not as bad as I portrayed him. 
I was scared... scared of my feelings for someone so gorgeous. His poetic heart is equally as appealing as his kind eyes and masculine body. 
Discovering that his baggage was bigger than mine (for a change), sounded as an exciting news.
However, he manages like a superhero. Is there such a thing as 'wrong timing' for two souls to meet? Or is it all perfect the way it is and isn't... ? (yes)
My split personality entertains itself with few interesting conversations among its parts.
One says "When he crashes, I'm there for him."
The second scorns: "Here you go, you make him appear needy coz' you need to be needed to feel good about yourself."
And the third persona laughs "No, you won't be there for him. Come on, you'll run away!"
Well, it looks like we all have a nice chat together and the mind is wired full on.
Anyway, Tuesday wasn't the end of him/us, and it looks like there is some continuation... or at least I hope that last night wasn't a dream! 
It would have been a pretty wet dream...

I'll check in again.

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