Sunday, March 26, 2017

Quick update - what have I been up to?

Oops, I have not posted anything for one month. But, obviously, I have scribbled down some sharp, brief and witty observations in the meantime. I was busy. Busy meant being in action and being productive. That's how I like it. I will update on my future endeavors in the next few posts. Some ideas proved to be damn right crazy, but some, I believe, are still valid and I should bring them to fruition. 

So, I am going to enrol in Master studies. Degree in Social Work should open more doors to me.
Sex Education, anyone? :)

A couple of weeks ago I had my Tantra/Sexuality workshop and it was a success. It didn't feel easy, nor comfortable at the beginning, but "I found my rhythm".
If I prepare for the next one, it could be much more fun and more pleasant for my nerves!
Few beautiful people made me realize that:

"Even if you don't believe in yourself, there is always someone who believes in you. 
Never let them down!"
- [said] I ;)

One day it occurred to me that despite everything I have learned about 'happiness', I still strive to be right rather than happy (or wrong, or not caring)
Who am I trying to prove wrong so I could stay discontent? 
Is that God?
Do I want to shout to the heavens "See?! I told you so!" ?
Ehm, that would be funny.

I also began to jog-walk regularly along the Brisbane river. Hot yoga and pilates still rock my world, but they don't add up to the weekly cardio quota. 
I miss dancing 5rhytms, so I will close down my "creating new neural-pathways" experiment, and make these dance classes my regular Friday night activity again. 
Did not coming every week 'work'? Possibly... I might grew a new brain :)
Jogging proves to be very beneficial for my head and soothing to my heart. I am hooked on the sweat and endorphins. 
Every now and again I stop to listen to the beat in my earphones more attentively, or to sway in the children's swing (sadly, my butt doesn't really fit, but I manage not to break it!), and every Sunday night it became a ritual to stop at some veggie place for a dinner before a church sermon (did I mention I joined a church?). 
It's actually lovely to stop. Stop to listen, stop to play, stop to eat and reminisce. 
Unfortunately, I had to stop to collect my phone off the ground and cringe over a smashed display too.

Slowing things down has therapeutic benefits.

Last update. 
The 'affair' with Adam finished ages ago (evidently), and I have never felt better. Yes, very super-mega horny the first month, but then I calmed down and at the moment I feel like a dreamy, imaginative virgin again. Not desperate, not knowing what is there to miss, and totally in anticipation of something exciting. In short, although sexless, I couldn't be happier and my life couldn't seem more sexual!

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