Monday, March 27, 2017

How to relax?

"Did you know that 98% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions doesn’t even belong to you?" - Dr. Dain Heer
(Check out this guy, he’s not only “awake” but also very, very hot!

What does it mean? The way I see it - we worry bloody too much!
And we know those worries are useless gremlins painting the pictures of disaster in front of our eyes when... when we have no gurantee that our worst fears would happen at all or end up so bad. 
You know that in hindsight, most of the bad stuff that did happen wasn't as bad as those gremlins made us to believe. I'm talking about worries and stress, not stuff that we couldn't even imagine let alone predict!
Yes, we worried and in the end got hurt, shocked, humiliated, and we suffered pains and aches... but the reality was more often than not a lot easier than the imaginary horrors our minds experienced before the thing happened in real. And sometimes - the experience was nothing like our worries! It was awesome!
We learned, we grew, we got over it.

I had an amazing human being coming for a massage today. An Indigenous woman. So perfect. An absolutely stunning Venus. I noticed her striking beauty. Sadly, I don’t think she was aware of the impact she makes on people like me (If you don't know yet, I am clairsentinent, intuitive, and beauty appreciating :)). 
She could enjoy her beauty in all its glory if she just relaxed, let go and allowed herself to feel confident, powerful, open and worthy of claiming her feminine sexuality.
Is relaxing into our sexual selves worth exploring?
I believe so, because when we honor the vital force within us, and we are truly in tune with it, worries have no access to our consciousness. At least for a little while! We're that powerful on the inside.
If we are capable of worrying about everything, why not worry about nothing?

This idea calls for another workshop!

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